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At our school each child is valued and their unique set of skills and talents developed so that they can ‘be the best that they can be’. Our belief is that learning should be exciting and engaging. We want every child to leave our school ready for the next stage in their education and with a real appetite for learning.

We have high aspirations for every child that attends our school and a strong track record of achieving academic success. Equally, we ensure children at Bishop’s Waltham Junior are able to explore their full range of talents and interests.

Alongside a stimulating and varied curriculum, we offer a range of sporting, musical and artistic enrichment activities including successful sports clubs, drama productions and music concerts.

We place great emphasis on developing children’s personal skills and believe in the importance of developing kind, caring and respectful individuals. Behaviour in our school is very good and we offer children high quality care and pastoral support. We have strong systems in place to support children with additional learning needs and have a fully qualified Special Needs Co-ordinator on the staff team.

I am incredibly proud to be the Headteacher of Bishop’s Waltham Junior School and of the children and staff who contribute so much to the life of the school.

If you would like to find out more about the school or to arrange a visit please do not hesitate to contact us.

Darren Campbell


A place where excellence, effort and happiness are valued in equal measure.   

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School Lottery - Support the school and win cash prizes!
26/09/2022 10:00 AM
BWJS School Lottery
This lottery feature for Bishop's Waltham Junior School has been live since October 2020.

During last weeks draw there were 123 tickets sold (from 66 regular supporters) - this equated to a cash prize of £34.
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  • Every Saturday at 8pm the numbers are drawn and posted online.
  • Winners are notified by email and winnings paid into the account of your choice.

It’s so easy to join and will make a real difference to Bishop's Waltham Junior School.


All money generated from the school lottery scheme goes towards improving the provision for all pupils.



Year 3 Fortnightly Update
23/09/2022 4:00 PM

Year 3 have got really stuck in to their History topic – learning about the Stone Age and Bronze Age (and today, they started looking at the Iron Age!). They produced some Cave Art based on some of the paintings they looked at which had been discovered during the Stone Age and yesterday, Year 3 took part in a fantastic History workshop run by local author Paul Nolan. There was lots of dressing up in Bronze Age clothes, building Stonehenge and looking at a variety of artefacts from all three periods of history:


In English, the children have created their own river monsters and are looking forward to writing their final non-chronological reports next week. Today, they learnt all about the importance of editing and watching this video from the famous poet, Joseph Coelho:




In Maths, the children have continued to use their place value knowledge to help them complete harder addition calculations using 3 digit numbers.


During the children’s wellbeing focus today, we discussed what the term ‘mental health’ actually meant and talked about how meaningful connections are important to maintain good mental health, regardless of age.


To view some photos visit:  http://bwjunior.primaryblogger.co.uk/ 


The Year 3 Team.



Year 5 Fortnightly Update
23/09/2022 3:00 PM

Year 5 – History, English, Music and Tag Rugby


As another week comes to an end, the learning doesn’t stop.


It’s been an immersive few weeks within our History topic (WW2). We are looking into a study of a living memory event and the changes it caused. This week, we’ve been investigating the roles that both men and women played within the war.  The children researched the different roles and created powerpoints in pairs summarising the information collected. The year group are excited to learn more about this fascinating topic.


Within our English and Guided Reading sessions, we have continued to read Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo.  The children are really enjoying learning about David and Tucky’s evacuation.


In Tag Rugby, the progress we made this week was wonderful! After our warm up games that involved collaboration and some of the skills needed for Tag Rugby we moved on to a key component of the game, passing backwards. Through races and competitions, the children gained experience of passing backwards whilst still travelling across the pitch all while working as a team encouraging others.  This is something we need to work on but we are sure they will get there!  Thank you Mr Owen for leading the session.


Within music, we are currently looking at WW2 songs including the famous song ‘Run Rabbit’ which is really rather catchy (and annoying).


The Year 5 team


To view some photos visit:



School Councillors (2022-23)
16/09/2022 3:00 PM

Today, during celebration assembly we announced the names of our new School Councillors! We are all very excited to start planning events and discuss our ideas about the school at our first meeting next week.


Year 3 – Charlie C, Kayla SK, Evan C, Max A, Freddie F and Sebastian M.


Year 4 – Eleanor P, Lottie P, Amelia C, Ailbe M, Katy F and Joey C.


Year 5 – Ruby K, Tegan B, Amelie M and Archie M.


Year 6 – George A, Evie F, Jack P and Mia S.


Well done to our new School Councillors and also everyone else that put their names forward.



Year 6 Fortnightly Update
16/09/2022 3:00 PM
This week, Year 6 have started moving further into their curriculum for the Autumn Term.

In art, we have looked at the work of contemporary artist Rachel Froud. Rachel is a painter who specialises in animals: we have looked at her use of colour and compositon, and we look forward to using some of her ideas in our own work.

Rachel has her own youtube channel which contains a range of tutorials – if anyone in Year Six would like to try following one of these at home, we’d love to see the results!

In PE, we have continued to learn rubgy skills with our coach, Miss T. This week, we focused on passing the ball successfully – a more difficult goal than in other sports since a rugby pall can only be passed backwards during play.

In science, we began our first unit which looks at evolution and inheritance. We started by thinking about the way that characteristics can be passed from parents to their offspring, and we looked especially at different crossbreeds of dog. We also briefly looked at a website which shows different crossbreeds – if you’d like to look at this in more detail, click here to investigate!

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