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Year Five Book Reviews


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

JK Rowling


This book is an amazing book because you can't put it down. When Harry's friends don`t write to him he starts to think he doesn't have any friends but when a visitor arrives at his house and tells him not to go back to Hogwarts he starts to get suspicious....

Rating: 5 stars

(written by Anna)



Night Speakers

Ali Sparkes


I think this book is adventurous and daring

Rating: 5 stars

(written by Anna)



The Midnight Gang

David Walliams


I like this book because it was funny. I also liked the bit when Tom Jones joined the gang. 

Rating: 5 stars

(written by Matilda)


The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins


I think the hunger games is a great book as you always want to read on. It is fun and adventurous . Even if you don't enjoy reading you can watch the film.

Rating: 5 stars

(written by Gracie)



Amelia Fang and the Lost Yeti Treasures

Laura Ellen Anderson


I think this is a brilliant book because it is very funny and as soon as you read the first page of it you just want to read on straight away. I would recommend this book for all years.

Rating: 5 stars

(written by Eliza)