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This page has been designed for the early days of an enforced school closure.  During this period, we will be working on the best way to sustain home learning, and we will notify you of this via parentmail, bwjsapps and the school website.

For this initial period, we wanted to give you some things that you can do while you are at home.


Our Expectations

A period of enforced school closure is a new situation for all of us, so you will have to bear with us as we try to make this time productive.

We do not expect anyone at home to work as if they were at school.  We recognise that parents may be juggling work and childcare and that access to the internet and other resources may be limited.  However, we would encourage you to take part in some of the activities given here so that your minds are engaged.  These activities may also help to give some structure to your day if you are not able to leave the house.

While you are at home, you will be able to communicate with your teacher via your bwjsapps email account, and they will probably send messages to you about further work if our school closure continues for a longer amount of time.  Please remember, though, that your teachers will have other work and home commitments, so they may not be able to reply to your messages immediately.

During this first week, you should ensure that you can access your bwjsapps email account at bwjsapps.co.uk.  If you are unable to remember your password of username, please ask a parent to email Mr Senior, and he will be able to reset it for you.  (Please note, teachers will only communicate with children using their designated bwjsapps.co.uk account, and not via any other email account or messaging service).


If you are unable to attend school, you will have plenty of time to read!  Hopefully, we will have been able to send you home with a library book or two, and you may well have access to books from home and books from other libraries.  If you have a tablet or e-reader, you might want to investigate the Hampshire Library ebook service

In addition to reading, here are some tasks you could complete to accompany your books.

If you would like to do more writing, why not write:

  • A story?
  • A diary of your time off school?
  • An email to a friend (using your bwjsapps account to keep in touch with each other)?
  • Instructions to accompany something which you’ve made at home? You could share these with someone else so they could make it too!



Your Times Table Rock Stars account remains up and running.  In addition to your weekly homework, why not look around other areas of the TTR platform?  You challenge other people to a game, work on improving your speed and your accuracy, and earn money to spend upgrading your avatar.

Are you sure of your Times Table Rockstars login information?  If you cannot access your account, email Mr Senior and he will let you know your username and password.

If you want to play some other maths games during this week, why not visit one of the following sites:





Topmarks.co.uk Snappymaths.com




If you are in Year 6, your teacher will have probably sent you home with some maths questions.  You may not be able to do all of these questions, but it would be good if you could try as many as possible.




During this term, there has been some excellent topic work going on in school.

Why not use this opportunity to extend your learning in these areas, or begin finding out about a new topic by researching and presenting some information around your topic?  This could be done on paper or on a computer.


Year Three

The Romans

Begin finding out about your next topic.
What knowledge can you bring back to school with you?

Year Four

King Alfred

Find out some more information about
this figure from history.

Year Five


Begin finding out about your next topic.
What knowledge can you bring back to school with you?

Year Six

Ancient Greece

Choose an area that has interested you this half term
– or an area we didn’t investigate!

Fun Activities For Home!

In addition to your school work, here are some other things you might be able to do at home.


Den or cave building in your house – use blankets, sheets and furniture to make your structure. Be sure to add some cushions to make it extra cosy! 


A housebound treasure hunt – create a map of your home and hide small items around it. Use written clues/words to help describe the place you are looking for (e.g. I am cold and make a ‘beep beep’ noise if left open’ – a fridge of course!)



Children’s indoor (or outdoor) gym – create some fun sports stations to keep you active and alert! Examples: How many turns of the skipping rope can you do in 30 secs? Who can balance on 1 leg for the longest? How many throws and catches can you do in 1 minute?


Finger paint animals – using paints, why not try to create a whole zoo of finger and hand painted animals!


Rock painting – dig for rocks in the garden, wash them so they are clean and then paint them with different designs.


Indoor hide and seek – who can find the best hiding places?

Decorate plant pots before you plant seeds for the spring/summer.


Make cards to send to elderly relatives or neighbours – it would really brighten their day!


Rainbow challenge – collect as many different items in the different colours of the rainbow and create a masterpiece.


Cooking challenges – help to prepare and cook a meal with your parents twice a week. Perhaps you could bake some biscuits or fairy cakes?



Looking For More?

Education Resource site Twinkl is currently offering a free trial for parents and teachers – it contains a wealth of material which may interest you.  In a prolonged closure, we may well draw on these resources; in the meantime, feel free to explore it.

To set up an account, go to Twinkl and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS


Brief Updates from Mr Senior...

Minecraft have made their educational content free on the game's online marketplace.  Well worth a look for anyone who already plays!

At 9:30 on Wednesday 25th, Steve Backshall will be doing a wildlife Q&A on his YouTube channel.

This YouTube channel is offering you the chance to learn British Sign Language for free in a series of lessons designed for children.

The Edinburgh Zoo website allows you to watch a range of animals through their webcam page, including their pandas.

Audo Elevenses by David Walliams - David Walliams is currently uploading a free audio story to his website every day.

The Rainbow Challenge!

This wasn't our idea, but we like it.

Over the next few weeks, children will be able to leave the house, but will be unlikely to see their friends as often as they usually do.  To make lives more interesting, why not make a rainbow picture and display it in your window?  Then, when we're out and about, we'll be able to look for them.

If you put a rainbow up in your window, send a photo to mr.senior@bwjsapps.co.uk - we'll put them on the school blog.

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) will be running PE with Joe on his YouTube channel from Monday morning at 9am.

These broadcasts will be daily on Monday to Friday, and it'll be worth a look.

The BBC Bitesize website has a massive amount of content related to every curriculum area at key stage 2.  It includes video clips, interactive tasks and factual information for reading.

Mrs Mars has provided the ELSA 14 Day Challenge, a series of tasks you can complete at home if you are unable to go out.

World eBook have a collection of books of all types available to download for free from their website if you have a compatible device.

Change 4 Life is an NHS website which provides ideas for healthy meals and some sporting activities.

Supermovers is a BBC resource jam-packed with fun videos which link to your child’s learning and get them moving.

Cosmic Kids is a YouTube channel of videos of yoga, mindfulness and relaxation.

Hampshire SLS are running a daily literacy quiz on their twitter feed (parents will need an account to see these).  Questions will be posted between 12 and 2 every afternoon.