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Year Five Home Learning

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Week Beginning Monday 27th April

Good morning Year 5,

It looks like it’s going to be another sunny week so we are sure lots of you will be getting out into your gardens and the fresh air for some lovely walks, exercise and gardening!

Please use the timetable attached to your email for learning this week – you can adapt the timetable to best suit you. You might prefer to do your English work before your maths or your reading before English – it is up to you! IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU DO NOT FINISH A TASK COMPLETELY IN THIS TIME.

The table below gives instructions about the tasks you have been set. You can access these tasks on the ‘Home Learning’ page under the ‘Year Five’ button. Remember, there is no expectation to complete all of the tasks we have set – but there is plenty there to keep you busy!


Arithmetic and word problems focusing on multiplication and division and an investigation too.

Complete over several days – you can choose the order in which to complete the tasks.

Use the layout on the front page to help you. These tasks are tasks similar to ones we have completed in class, so this is good revision! Mark your work using the honesty sheets provided.

 Maths - division and multiplication.pdfDownload
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Finding out the meanings of words and editing vocabulary for meaning.

Two short writing tasks.

These tasks will help you to understand synonyms (words which have the same meaning) and antonyms (words which mean the opposite).

There are also 2 short writing tasks – both focus around using description.

 English - Moondial tasks.pdfDownload
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Using the ‘ough’ letter string.

Complete over several days in the order the activities are laid out.

Great revision for the ‘ough’ letter string which has many different sounds. 5 practical tasks to work though that focus on the sounds of each word to help you with your spelling.

 Spelling tasks.pdfDownload
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Guided Reading

Tasks based on ‘Moondial’ by Helen Cresswell

Complete over several days in the order the activities are laid out.

The tasks follow a similar format to our lessons in class. When you get onto the comprehension questions, be sure to use the text to help you answer the questions – do not guess! Mark your comprehension questions using the honesty sheet provided.

 Guided reading - Moondial.pdfDownload
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Looking at the River Severn in more detail.

Complete over several days in the order the activities are laid out.

The video clip explains the journey of the River Severn and introduces you to river specific vocabulary. You will use this vocabulary to recreate the River Severn in your own way!

 Geography tasks.pdfDownload
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The table below is a suggestion of extra-curricular activities you may like to try too:


In addition to the above, here are a few suggestions for some other things you might like to do this week.


Weather Diary

Mindfulness Activity

Create your own weather diary and make a note of the changing weather. Spring is an exciting season which can see anything from snow to sun-bathing. What will Spring 2020 be like?

See separate sheet for instructions.  


Local artist, Caroline Misselbrook has kindly sent us a seahorse repeating pattern which can be printed out, coloured and stuck together to make one large picture (4 copies to be printed to make the large picture).

See separate attachment.

Art from Mrs Milne

Science from Mrs Arnold

This week’s fun Art@home challenge is to create a portrait of a family member (or a self-portrait if you prefer) in the style of the great artist Picasso!  No materials needed other than paper and some felt-tipped pens or colouring pencils.  Curious?  Check the Art@Home blog post for inspiration.

Volcano Lemons. Make your very own volcano! You will need a lemon, baking soda, food colouring (optional) and washing up liquid. See the blog on the 27th April for the instructions.

Please send Miss Pearmain and Mrs Arnold pictures of your work and any home learning which you do – we will upload a class blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so it would be lovely to include some photographs of your home learning to share with our school community!

If you have any questions, please email us using your bwjsapps account.


Take care and stay safe,

Miss Pearmain and Mrs Arnold x