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Year Four Home Learning

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Week Beginning Monday 20th April

Good morning Year 4,

We hope you are all well and are keeping safe at home. Even though you cannot go out to the park or friend’s houses, we hope you have been able to enjoy the fresh air in your gardens. Perhaps some of you have been joining in with the ‘Gardening@Home’ club?

Please use the timetable below for your learning this week. Remember, there is no expectation to complete all of the tasks we have set – but there is plenty there to keep you busy!


Telling the time
Telling the time is a life skill that needs lot of practise. We have included a range of activities to work through. These activities have been split into 3 groups.

1 – o’clock, half past and quarters
2 – to the nearest 5 minutes
3 – hours/mins before and after

Everyone is at different stages of learning how to tell the time. Have a look and decide which group you would like to try. If you are new to telling the time then have a go at group 1, if you know how to tell the time but sometimes get a little confused then try group 2 and if you feel very confident about telling the time then try group 3. (You can do more than one group if you want to as well J) 

Also remember to keep practising those times tables. You have RockStars, Hit the Button and I’m sure apps you use yourself.

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A range of activities
Proof reading
Fronted adverbials

 Week 2 - English Group 1.pdfDownload
 Week 2 - English Group 2+3.pdfDownload
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Guided Reading

Tasks based on caring for dogs.

The tasks follow a similar format to our lessons in class.  

  1. Look up the meaning of words.
  2. Answer questions
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Over the next few weeks of home schooling, create a guide book about Bishop’s Waltham.

Things to include:

  • A map
  • The history of the town
  • Geographical features of the town

In addition to the above, here are a few suggestions for some other things you might like to do this week.

Make a wordsearch

Scavenger Hunt

Have a go at making a wordsearch for someone on your family to complete.


1.       Draw yourself a grid of squares on a piece of paper

2.       Fill in the words you want to be found (and write a list of them at the bottom of the page)

3.       Fill in the blank spaces with random letters

4.       Give your wordsearch to someone else – how long does it take them to find all the words?


Your wordsearch could be on a theme – holidays, animals, things found in the garden… be creative!

 In your garden or a safe outdoor space collect as many of the following in your tub/bowl as you can:

·         Something wet

·         Something noisy

·         Something old

·         Something heavy

·         Something shiny

·         Something dry

·         Something quiet

·         Something new

·         Something light

·         Something dark

·         Something you would like to keep

·         Something that can blow in the wind

·         Something you have never seen before

·         Something that smells nice

·         Something beautiful

·         Five shades of green



With the scavenged items, can you create a sculpture or picture? Can you invent a new species of creature? Or replicate a beautiful landscape you have seen?


Art from Mrs Milne

Science from Mrs Arnold


We were so thrilled to see all the fabulous rainbow pictures that so many of you sent in at the start of our stay-at-home experience.  This week, Mrs Milne will be suggesting a way to re-visit this theme to create a 3D version for your windowsill.  Check the Art@Home blog post for more details.

Plastic milk!


Make plastic out of these simple ingredients: milk, vinegar and you will also need a sieve!


Visit the school blog on the 20th April for the full instructions.

Please keep sending us pictures of activities you have enjoyed – we will upload a class blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so it would be lovely to include some photographs of your home learning to share with our school community!

If you have any questions, please email us using your bwjsapps account.

Mr McKenna and Miss Elwes.