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Year Three Home Learning

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Week Beginning Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 3 and welcome to the second week of home learning! As you will know from Mrs Daniels’ letter, from now on we will send a year group email on Mondays, with an overview of learning tasks. We don’t want anyone to feel under any pressure to complete tasks, as everyone’s home situation will be different, so tasks can be done one a day or in bigger chunks – whatever you feel suits you and your family. Reading is the most important thing any child can do, so try to fit that in every day where possible. Don’t forget reading can be shared or might include listening to an audio book and there are lots of resources online.

NB- if you cannot print something off, just write notes or do working in your general book or on paper.


Five tasks to be completed over the week. Looking at prefixes 'super' and 'auto'. Activities and games.

 Week 1 - Spellings - Outline of Tasks.pdfDownload
 Week 1 - Spellings - Task 1 (word cards).pdfDownload
 Week 1 - Spellings - Task 2 (definitions).pdfDownload
 Week 1 - Spellings - Task 4 (editing) - answers.pdfDownload
 Week 1 - Spellings - Task 4 (editing).pdfDownload
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Fun Task- Draw your favourite part of the Iron Man. Make it colourful!

Remember the best thing you can do to help your reading is to read every day. There are also lots of online books you could listen to as well. This would be great fun and help your learning.


  • Do a minimum of 15 minutes a day on Times Table Rockstars.
  • Complete the Arithmetic test.
  • Practical Maths task - find the perimeter of some objects in your home.

Remember your parents can find all of the methods on the school website (they are also on your homework sheets in your homework books).

  • If you cannot access Time Tables Rockstars, practise by writing/chanting etc.
  • Use the methods taught at school.
  • Tell us the shape and the measurement in cm. Use a ruler or tape measure and the methods taught in class.
 Week 1 - Maths - Arithmetic Test.pdfDownload
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Muscles and the skeleton

Go to BBC Bitesize Key Stage 2, Science - skeletons and muscles.


  • What does your skeleton do?
  • How do your muscles work?

Complete the small tasks on screen

 Watch the Class Clip videos:

  • Muscles needed for movement.
  • How muscles work in pairs.
  • Muscles needed in exercise.
  • Skeletons

If you can, complete the activity to make the muscle model.

 Week 1 - Science - Muscle making activity.pdfDownload
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Junk model of the Iron Man

(A little extra challenge from Mrs Milne – no pressure at all to complete, but definitely fun!)

If you can, take look at the work of artist Leo Sewell – there is a very informative video on here.

Do you like his work? What impresses you the most?

Can you make an Iron Man out of Junk from your recycling?  Take a look at this week’s Art Challenge blog post for more guidance/info.


Fun Tasks

Fun Tasks-


Whole School Activity

We’re going on a Bear Hunt!

Kim’s game

Art from Mrs Milne

Put a teddy in your window

When you go out for your daily exercise, how many bears can you spot in windows?


There are lots of residents in Bishop’s Waltham taking part in this so you should be able to spot lots of bears!


Gather a selection of about 20 items from around the house and/or garden on a tray.

You have 30 seconds to memorise as many items as you can. Cover them with a cloth and then name as many items as possible. Who can remember the most?


Year 3 have been challenged to create an Iron Man model out of junk.  Mrs Milne has extended this challenge to the whole school so hopefully we’ll see some other junk model creations. Mrs Milne’s weekly art challenges will be published every Monday morning on the school blog while we are all staying at home.  More tips and techniques for your junk modelling will be uploaded there tomorrow morning.

We hope that you enjoy the tasks we have set. It would be lovely if you could send us photos or examples of what you’ve been up to so we can share them in the class blog, which will be done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Keep busy

From Mrs Glasspool and Mrs Peach