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Year Three Home Learning

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Week Beginning Monday 27th April



As you can probably see from the over view English has been divided up into Reading, SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar), Spelling and writing. This is very similar to how we do it at school.

As we have said you can do as little or as much as you want to with your children.

 English Overview.pdfDownload
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Five tasks to be completed over the week. Looking at homophones.
Homophones are words which have the same (homo) sound (phone) but different meanings and spellings.

 Day 2 - Word sort.pdfDownload
 Day 3 - Definitions ch as k sound.pdfDownload
 Day 3 - Wordsearch alternative.pdfDownload
 day 4 - Corrected and editing worksheet.pdfDownload
 Day 4 - correcting and editing answers.pdfDownload
 Overview - Words with the k sound.pdfDownload
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 Question prompts for parents.pdfDownload
 Reading Task - acrostic poem.pdfDownload
 Reading Task - book quiz.pdfDownload
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SPAG & Writing

 SPAG Task - Identifying word types.pdfDownload
 SPAG Task - prepositions.pdfDownload
 SPAG Task - The picnic editing FS CL answers.pdfDownload
 SPAG Task - The picnic editing FS CL.pdfDownload
 Writing Task - Superhero.pdfDownload
 Writing Task- Create a Super Villain.pdfDownload
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This week we have set three different maths tasks:

  1. Arithmetic test
  2. Revision of addition methods
  3. Roman Numerals

The 'Maths Overview for the Week' document will explain each of these.

 Maths Overview for the week.pdfDownload
 Task 1 - Arithmetic Test.pdfDownload
 Task 2 - Extension Pure calculations - mixture of no exhanging & exchanging.pdfDownload
 Task 2 - Pure Calculation 2D + 2D no exchanging.pdfDownload
 Task 2 - Pure Calculation 3D + 3D no exchanging ANSWERS.pdfDownload
 Task 2 - Pure Calucation 3D + 3D no exchanging.pdfDownload
 Task 2 - Word Problems 3D + 3D - no exchanging.pdfDownload
 Task 2 - Word Problems 3D + 3D exchanging.pdfDownload
 Task 3 - Roman Numerals KS2.pptxDownload
 Task 3 - Roman Numerals overview.pdfDownload
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The Romans were famous for their mosaics. They are found in many of the places the Romans invaded or conquered. They often contained images of important people, Gods or just daily life. They tell us a great deal about the lives of the Romans.

You have two tasks about mosaics in the document below.

 History & Art.pdfDownload
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In addition to the above, here are a few suggestions for some other things you might like to do this week.

Weather Diary

Mindfulness Activity

Create your own weather diary and make a note of the changing weather. Spring is an exciting season which can see anything from snow to sun-bathing. What will Spring 2020 be like?

See separate sheet for instructions.  


Local artist, Caroline Misselbrook has kindly sent us a seahorse repeating pattern which can be printed out, coloured and stuck together to make one large picture (4 copies to be printed to make the large picture).

See separate attachment.

Art from Mrs Milne

Science from Mrs Arnold

This week’s fun Art@home challenge is to create a portrait of a family member (or a self-portrait if you prefer) in the style of the great artist Picasso!  No materials needed other than paper and some felt-tipped pens or colouring pencils.  Curious?  Check the Art@Home blog post for inspiration.

Volcano Lemons. Make your very own volcano! You will need a lemon, baking soda, food colouring (optional) and washing up liquid. See the blog on the 27th April for the instructions.

We hope that you enjoy the tasks we have set. It would be lovely if you could send us photos or examples of what you’ve been up to so we can share them in the class blog, which will be done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Keep busy

From Mrs Glasspool and Mrs Peach