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Year 5 Update

15 July 2022 (by Darren Campbell (darrencampbell))

'Science – History – PE – Computing'


We have taken part in two units of science over the past few weeks. We concluded our properties of materials with some experiments. The children devised ways to separate mixed materials and then put them to the test. We then witnessed the results of adding vinegar to bi-carbonate of soda and mixing vinegar with milk. The chemical reactions that occurred demonstrated the process of changes can be either irreversible or reversible and after being mixed. Why not ask your children what that all means?! We have also started our life cycles unit, which we will conclude next week!


Our final Year 5 unit takes a greater depth look at the Ancient Egyptians. We have been focussing on the everyday lives of ordinary Egyptians and their afterlife beliefs, including mummification! Eventually, as groups the children with created a game based on the journey these Egyptians beliefs.


The children have continued to enjoy our cricket unit this half term. Over the weeks we have been building the different skills needed for this sport. This has led us to playing the small games which has allowed all the children rotate the different cricketing roles. Most of the children are now comfortable catching the ball now that they realised it’s not alive or going to eat them when it comes there way! Last week, we took part in some team building games. At time in their Year 6 class, the children enjoyed the range of games designed to get to know their new class friends.


Over the last few weeks the year group has been recording, editing and adding sounds to their podcasts. As well as being informative, some of the podcasts have been entertaining and interesting to listen to. Using the Audacity software has allowed the children to create polished podcasts and been an activity they’ve enjoyed participating in.

Over the year the children have enjoyed many different topics and taken part in lots of activities. It has been wonderful to see the children develop socially and on their learning journey.

Thank you for your support throughout the year, have a wonderful holiday and good luck to the children in the Year 6!

Year 5 team.

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