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At Bishop’s Waltham Junior School the health, safety and well-being of every child is our top priority.

Things To Know About Year Four

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During year 4 children get the chance to really settle into school life. We have many interesting and exciting topics such as the fascinating India topic, learning about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings which includes a local study of Winchester, learning a new musical instrument every term through Listen2Me and a two night residential trip to Stubbington Study Centre. Children will be taught in their own classes for all subjects. We hope that this page will answer any questions you may have but feel free to come in for a chat.


The Team

  • Teachers: Miss Pearmain (Ash) and Miss Pascoe (Jackalberry)

  • Teaching Support Assistants: Mrs Harris (Asj) and Mrs Amos (Jackalberry)


Communication between home and school

  • Please do not hesitate to contact class teachers via their school email addresses. These can be found on the school jotter app under ‘contacts’.
  • We are happy to arrange a meeting over the phone – until further notice, we are trying to minimise the amount of adults we have on-site, but of course we can accommodate this if necessary.
  • There will be a formal parents’ evening in October and March.
  • In February, you will receive a mid-year report for your child which sets out strengths and targets for the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • In July, you will receive a formal report of your child’s progress over the year.

Your involvement – at home

  • Supporting your child with their homework.
  • Regular reading at home.
  • English and maths basic skill practise (especially time tables up to 12x12).
  • Encourage your child to organise themselves.
  • Name clothing, lunchboxes, etc. Please note that children will not need to bring in their own equipment (pencil cases etc) as these will be provided for them.


Times Tables

All pupils are expected to practise their times tables to support their mathematical understanding and aid speed of calculation. Pupils can access Times Table Rockstars website through the BWJS apps platform or through the stand-alone Times Tables Rockstars app. This will also be used during the school day to consolidate learning.


Your involvement – at school

There are various opportunities for you to become involved with the year group as a regular or one-off volunteer. If you would like to come into school as a regular volunteer, please contact Mrs Daniels for an application form.

  • Paired reading assistance in the afternoon.
  • Support with trips.
  • Class support for more practical lessons.


Homework this year will be run via the Doodle platform.  Children will be expected to stay within their green zones on Doodle Maths and Doodle English by doing a few daily questions which will be pitched automatically at the correct level.  If it is inconvenient to use Doodle on a daily basis, questions can be tackled in larger groups every few days. In addition to Doodle Maths and Doodle English, children will also have access to Doodle Spell, Doodle Tables and Times Table Rockstars which they can use to develop their skills in these areas.

If children are unable to take part in Doodle because they don’t have a suitable device at home, the school may well be able to lend you a device; please contact Mr Campbell to find out more about this.

Mrs Daniels will be running a doodle club each week for children who would prefer to complete this work in school, and we will also be asking children to attend if we notice at our end that they are not engaging with their homework.


We follow a spelling curriculum at school, and we spend plenty of time learning new spellings.  We will not be sending spellings home on a regular basis, but some children may have flash cards with key words on them to learn at their own pace, repeating the learning taking place in school


Day-to-day Organisation

  • Library: Year 4’s library days are on a Tuesday and Friday.
  • Swimming: Swimming lessons this year will take place on a Wednesday, and alternate between the classes each week. You will be notified through parentmail of your child’s class’ swimming weeks in September.
  • PE/Games: PE is on a Thursday this year. We ask that children come to school in their PE kits on a Wednesday.  We will be outside whenever possible, so please make sure they are dressed for the weather.
  • Morning Tasks: We expect children to arrive in school promptly every day, as we will get straight to work at 8:45am with dedicated time to follow up on any outstanding issues from previous lessons.
  • Assembly: All school assemblies take place at the end of the afternoon and finish by 3:15pm.


    The timetable for a normal day will run as follows:

    • 8:45 – Registration, then spellings
    • 9:15 – Guided Reading
    • 9:35 - English
    • 10:35 – Break
    • 10:50 – Maths
    • 12:00 – Lunch
    • 12:55 – Afternoon session
    • 2:50 – Assembly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)