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Things to know about Year Six


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Year Group Organisation

The teachers in Year Six are Mrs Mars & Mrs Zillwood (Cedar Class) and Mr Senior (Birch Class).  We are joined by Mrs Barclay and Mrs Collier in Birch, and Mrs Simons and Mrs Gill in Cedar.  Also working in the year group is Mrs Daniels.  During the year, children will mostly be taught in their classes, though we will be setting for maths lessons, and Mrs Daniels will also take a maths group, and English group and a guided reading group made up of children from both classes.

Throughout the year there will also be ‘target groups’ for reading, writing and maths. These will take place during school time and will be led by members of the Year Six team or other members of staff. They will focus on making sure children of all abilities make the best possible progress during their time in Year Six.


Communication between home and school
  • The best way to get in touch with your child’s teacher this year will be by email.

  • If you need to speak to your child’s class teacher, we will be able to phone home on request. If you need to see your child’s class teacher in person, we will be able to arrange appointments at mutually convenient times.
  • There will be formal parents’ evenings in October and March.
  • In February, you will receive a mid-year report for your child which sets out strengths and targets for the core subjects of Reading, Writing and Maths.
  • In July, you will receive a formal report of your child’s progress over the year.


Expectations of the Year Group

As the children move into Year Six, there will be expectations of increased independence. Our expectations of children’s work and behaviour will remain very high in order to ensure that children reach their full potential.

We will expect children to arrive in school with the equipment that they need on the correct days, and to complete tasks set for them at home.  Each morning, time will be dedicated to address any misconceptions in our work from the day before.  We have arranged our timetable in a way which will follow the same basic structure each week so children should always know what to expect.

Children are welcome to bring their own pencil cases to school (as long as they are small enough to fit in their trays), but all necessary equipment will be provided for them if they do not.



Our PE lessons will be on a Tuesday this year, and lead by Miss Jones, our specialist coach.  Our swimming lessons are scheduled to be a Friday, and we will alternate our sessions between classes to make the most of the available time.

We would ask that children come to school on Tuesday in their PE kit so that they do not need to change in school.  We will do PE outside whenever possible, so please ensure children are dressed warmly enough and wearing appropriate shoes.

Year Six will be expected to have a reading book in school every day: we will be keeping a library book in the classroom for this purpose. 

The timetable for a normal day will run as follows:

8:45 – Registration, then spellings
9:15 – Guided Reading
9:35 - English
10:35 – Break
10:50 – Maths
12:00 – Lunch
12:55 – Afternoon session
2:50 – Assembly (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
3:15 – Home time



Homework this year will be run via the Doodle platform.  Children will be expected to stay within their green zones on Doodle Maths and Doodle English by doing a few daily questions which will be pitched automatically at the correct level.  If it is inconvenient to use Doodle on a daily basis, questions can be tackled in larger groups every few days. In addition to Doodle Maths and Doodle English, children will also have access to Doodle Spell, Doodle Tables and Times Table Rockstars which they can use to develop their skills in these areas.

If children are unable to take part in Doodle because they don’t have a suitable device at home, the school may well be able to lend you a device; please contact Mr Campbell to find out more about this.

Mrs Daniels will be running a doodle club each week for children who would prefer to complete this work in school, and we will also be asking children to attend if we notice at our end that they are not engaging with their homework. It is very important, in Year Six, that children learn homework habits that will help them through their time at secondary school.



Reading is our top homework priority at BWJS – it is the thing that makes the biggest difference to children’s progress across the curriculum.  Children should be reading at home, ideally every day.  During our library sessions, children will have the chance to talk about books that they have been enjoying.



Children in Year Six are expected to demonstrate good behaviour at all times based on the school’s system of values.  We will track their behaviour, good and bad, using our TrackIt system which will generate certificates as they receive team merits.