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Welcome to the music section of our school website.  This page will give you an insight into the skills and knowledge the children acquire from our curriculum and the types of music making which go on in each year groups. 

At Bishop's Waltham Junior School, the music curriculum offers opportunities for children to:

  • Develop their understanding and appreciation of a wide range of different kinds of music
  • Acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to make music
  • Develop skills and attributes which can be used in other subject areas and that are needed for life and work, for example,  listening skills, the ability to concentrate,  creativity, perseverance, self-confidence and sensitivity towards others

During Key stage 2,

  • Children learn how to sing songs and play instruments with increasing confidence, skill and expression.  (Performing) 
  • They improvise and develop their own compositions in a response to a variety of stimuli (Composing)
  • They have the opportunity to explore thoughts and feelings through responding physically, intellectually and emotionally to a variety of different kinds of music from different times and cultures.  (Appraising)

Where possible, the units of work for each year group have a cross curricular link.  They are designed to build up a progression of skills and knowledge as the children progress throughout the year.  The complexity of expectations increases as the children move through the school. 

Every lesson begins with a game or song which is designed to develop children's musicality and enjoyment for the subject.  Each short activity encourages a sense of rhythm, the ability to listen critically and develop a good ear, and an understanding of the voice as a musical instrument.  The skills should form the basis of a musically literate person and could be carried forward into the study of other instruments and more complex musical forms.

Our Curriculum Overview

Year Three

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Painting With Sound Play It Again Roman March
Dragon Scales   Disney Songs

Year Four - Listen To Me

Year 4 children at Bishop's Waltham Junior School are fortunate enough to take part in Hampshire Music Service’s wider opportunities programme.  Over the year, the children learn a different instrument each term such as the ukulele, the keyboard or the violin.  The children give a performance at the end of each term to celebrate their achievements.  Keep an eye on the school calendar to find out when these performances take place.

Year Five

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Music of World War II Cyclic Patterns Portsmouth
Camel Driver  

BB Bop

Year Six

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
Rainforest Music Theseus and the Minotaur Year Six Production
  Film Music  


The National Curriculum for Music

National Curriculum - Music