School History - 1990

January 25th

"The gales struck again.  Very strong wind buffeted the school.  No structural damage to the building but general concern… children blown over going to the swimming pool.” (David Porter's log book).


January 26th

“The only school in the Swanmore area open.  Others closed through damage or electricity cuts.” (David Porter's log book).


January 27th

“Derrick Parrington opened school at lunchtime, and Sally Bore plus kitchen staff, prepared lunches for local residents who are still without electrical power.  70 lunches (27th) – 150 lunches (28th) – plus meals for Southern Electricity employees on Mon-Wed of next week.  Whole organisation paid for by Southern Electricity.” (David Porter's log book).


Feburary 13th

“Super-schools organised a morning of sponsored exercise.  It proved a very worthwhile event, and there was a super display of gymnastics from International gymnast – Richard Cobbing.” (David Porter's log book).


February 26th

“During the Half Term break, the school pond and quiet area were prepared.  A combination of County grant, Friend’s Association support and school money all went towards funding the development.  Along with the planting-up of the perimeter of the field with indigenous shrubs etc, there are real signs of progress.” (David Porter's log book).


March 16th

“During the morning there was a brief ‘Opening Ceremony’ for the school pond.  Representatives from the Landscape Architect’s department, Bishop’s Waltham Society and Friend’s Association attended.  Children from each class planted a tree/shrub around the pond edge.  It really looks a super development from the school to be used both educationally and as an enhancement for the school grounds.” (David Porter's log book).


April 6th

“Two staff left today.  Both will be greatly missed in their different ways.  Sylvia [Bondsfield] retired...  Sam [Woodhouse] also moves on…  We wish them well in pastures new.” (David Porter's log book).

May 24th

“Interviews for the Deputy Head.  A very full programme, and a very hot day…  One outstanding candidate… Mrs Marsh was asked to take the job.  She will be just what we need to develop quickly the curriculum into the 1990s. (David Porter's log book).


A newly refurbished library and school entrance.

June 15th

“During the evening the Friend’s Association organised a bar-b-que and silent auction.  The evening was very well attended with a lovely relaxed atmosphere.  Sylvia Bondsfield was there to open the ‘Quiet Area’.  A paved area with picnic tables, for the children who don’t want to rush about at playtime.  £350 was raised, and donated to the school to buy library books.” (David Porter's log book).


July 24th

“Dennis Owen after 15 years at Ridgemede, leaves today on early retirement.  A very conscientious, able and unflappable Deputy Head – nothing ever too much trouble.  As a teacher he was talented, with superb pupil relationships, whilst the skill and expertise he brought to the fields of music and Information Technology, were fantastic.  He will be greatly missed.” (David Porter's log book).


September 13th

“Our new office computer arrives shortly.” (David Porter's log book).


September 24th

“A video was made today. “A Day in the life of Ridgemede School”.  This has been commissioned by the Friend’s Association and will be shown at the AGM and be available for purchase.” (David Porter's log book).


October 8th

“During the night, the school was broken into.  A high-level window was forced open in the hall and the burglars ‘dropped in’.  A video, a portable television (both clearly security marked), music centre, electric keyboard and camera were the main things taken.  The thieves used lighted paper and matches to see their way around, which resulted in patches of burnt carpets.  The police arrived soon after being called.” (David Porter's log book).


October 10th

“Interviews for N.T.A. to supervise a pupil.  Mrs Jackie Tredré will take the appointment.” (David Porter's log book).

October 11th

“Great news!  Most of our property which was stolen has been found.  Good work by PC Kevin Emblem who knew where there was an empty flat in the village – made enquiries – and moved in.” (David Porter's log book).


October 29th

“The Swimming Pool was closed for two weeks, starting last week.  The pool was drained so that the rough bottom could be ‘painted’.” (David Porter's log book).


December 8th

“Christmas Fayre – organised by Friend’s Association and in particular the Treasurer – Janet Cheirchia.  Tremendous support from staff, pupils, Governors and parents.  School looked super.  Terrible weather – snowed all day.  Attendance appeared to be down.  Well over £1000 raised and no Grand Draw to swell the profit.  A fantastic day.” (David Porter's log book).


December 20th

“End of Term and the traditional non-uniform day.  The staff entered into the spirit of the day, dressed up as pirates.” (David Porter's log book).

Ridgemede Staff, 1990


David Porter (Headteacher)
Dennis Owen (Deputy Head) (until July)
Gen Marsh (Deputy Head) (from July)
Ann Tromans
Jacqui Clift
Sue Palmer
Sam Woodhouse (until April)
Dave Allington
Pat Fletcher
Sylvia Bondsfield (until April)
Gill Cooper
Gill Blundell
Janet Young
Trish Simpson-Davis (until July)
Liz Warren (April - July)
Jan Brook (from July)
Eva Boston
Carol Marchant
Shelia Rickman
Julie Blake
Jackie Tredré (from October)

Liz Channon (secretary)
June Harding (secretary)

Derek Parrington (caretaker)
Edna Parrington (cleaner)
Carol (cleaner)