At Bishop’s Waltham Junior School the health, safety and well-being of every child is our top priority.

Educational Visits

At Bishop's Waltham Junior School, we believe that learning extends far beyond the classroom. We are proud to offer a diverse range of educational visits and experiences that enrich our curriculum, providing students with exciting and stimulating activities that enhance their learning journey.


Exploring Beyond the Classroom

Our educational experiences include:

  • Visits to Places of Special Interest: We take our students on trips to unique locations that align with their curriculum, offering them the opportunity to explore, discover, and learn in real-world settings.

  • Engaging Speakers: We invite speakers from various fields to share their knowledge and insights with our students, broadening their horizons and inspiring their curiosity.

  • Visiting Groups: We welcome visiting groups and organizations that offer interactive and informative sessions, further enhancing our students' understanding of diverse subjects.


School Residentials

For our older pupils, we provide the unique opportunity of going on a school residential, where they stay away from home for several days. These are not just adventures; they are valuable learning experiences.

  • Year 4 - Stubbington Study Centre: Our Year 4 pupils spend half a week at the Stubbington Study Centre. Here, they delve into the local environment, exploring its unique features and gaining a deeper appreciation for the world around them. The journey also includes a series of initiative exercises that foster teamwork and cooperation, valuable skills that extend beyond the classroom.  

Stubbington Study Centre | Hampshire County Council


  • Year 6 - Liddington PGL Centre: Our Year 6 pupilss embark on a week-long adventure at the Liddington PGL Centre. This immersive experience includes a range of centre-based adventurous activities that challenge them both mentally and physically. It's a week of growth, learning, and bonding with peers as they step out of their comfort zones and embrace new challenges.

PGL Liddington


Enriching the Learning Experience

These educational visits and journeys are designed to enrich the learning experience at Bishop's Waltham Junior School. They provide pupils with opportunities to apply what they've learned in the classroom to real-world situations, fostering a deeper understanding of their subjects and the world around them.


We are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are curious, confident, and equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing world. Our educational visits play a significant role in achieving this goal, and we look forward to continuing to provide our students with these valuable experiences.


Funding Educational Visits

Our commitment to providing enriching educational visits is unwavering, and we want to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to participate. To make this possible, we follow the Governors' policy for Educational Visits.

  • Voluntary Contributions: We request a voluntary contribution from parents, suggesting a rate per child for each educational visit. These contributions play a vital role in covering the costs associated with these activities. However, educational visits can only proceed if we receive voluntary funds amounting to at least 85% of the total cost.

  • Inclusivity: At Bishop's Waltham Junior School, we believe that every child should have the chance to join their class on any day visit. If any family faces financial difficulties regarding the suggested contribution, we encourage them to reach out to the Headteacher. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils can fully participate in these essential educational experiences.


Practical Curriculum Activities

Throughout the school year, your child will engage in various practical activities as part of our curriculum. These activities, which encompass areas such as cooking, design technology, and crafts, often require ingredients and materials that can be costly. On such occasions, we may request parents to contribute to the cost before your child begins the activity. Rest assured that upon completion, you will receive your child's work as a tangible representation of their learning journey.


Your understanding and support in these matters are greatly appreciated as they contribute to the continued success of our educational programs.


To learn more about our charging and remissions policy, please refer to the BWJS Charging and Remissions Policy. We are committed to transparency and ensuring that every family is well-informed about our policies and procedures.