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Year 6 School Librarian

Every academic year, our Year 6 pupils have a fantastic opportunity to become School Librarians at Bishop's Waltham Junior School. If you're passionate about books, reading, and want to play a crucial role in fostering a love of literature within our school community, this role is for you!


What Do School Librarians Do?

As a School Librarian, you'll work closely with our wonderful librarian, Mrs. Cooper, to ensure the school library runs smoothly and remains a hub of literary exploration. Your responsibilities may include:

  1. Book Care: Taking care of our library's treasured collection by shelving books, ensuring they are in the right order, and making sure they are returned on time.

  2. Library Maintenance: Helping to keep the library tidy and organized, creating an inviting space for all pupils to enjoy.

  3. Book Recommendations: Sharing your favorite reads and offering book recommendations to fellow students.

  4. Assisting Peers: Helping classmates find the perfect books for their interests and reading levels.

  5. Reading Events: Assisting in organizing and promoting exciting reading events, such as book fairs or author visits.

  6. Library Ambassadors: Being a positive ambassador for the library, encouraging others to explore the wonderful world of books.


Why Become a School Librarian?

  • Leadership: Develop leadership skills as you take on important responsibilities.

  • Love for Literature: Share your passion for reading and help others discover the joy of books.

  • Teamwork: Work closely with Mrs. Cooper and your fellow School Librarians to achieve common goals.

  • Creativity: Contribute ideas for library events and initiatives.

  • Recognition: Be recognized as a vital part of our school's literary culture.

Join us in celebrating the magic of books, and let your passion for reading shine as a School Librarian at Bishop's Waltham Junior School!