Eco Champions

BWJS have started the journey towards re-certifying our Green Flag status for this year.


Following an assembly about Eco-Schools, any children interested in taking part were given an opportunity to complete an application form to become Eco-Champions.


We had 37 applications from across the school - all completed to a high standard.


We chose 18 children to be our new Eco-Champions based on the ideas and information in their applications.


Eco School Committee 2022-2023

Y3 Gingko

Ezra A Jemima L

Y3 Maple

Arthur D Dexter S

Y3 Willow

Bethany W Annabel M

Y4 Ash

Ewan C Beatrice T

Y4 Jackalberry

Eefie J  

Y5 Tamarind

Sophie C Freddie J

Y5 Sycamore

Matilda G Archie M

Y6 Cedar

Hugo S  

Y6 Birch

Jamie-L E Jasper P


We have already had two meetings and begun the first process of Environmental Review. We must look at all areas of the school and assess the measures already in place. Once we have completed this process we can select our areas of focus for the coming year.  
Watch this space for updates on our progress through the year and for more information about our project.
Mrs White and Miss Ekless.



Job Descriptions: 


Eco-champions – 2 per class

  • To form a committee to organise activities and actions for the school.
  • To collect feedback from class children
  • To feedback to the class about what is happening
  • To make publicity flyers, posters and actions for our school
  • To carry out surveys


Eco-task force – unlimited

  • To assist the Eco-champions in their class
  • To help to implement the actions for our school
  • To create publicity for our school
  • To help carry put surveys and ensure that action plans for implemented

(In addition to the Eco Champions, BWJS has 164 pupils sigened up on a rota to support litter picking across the school.)