At Bishop’s Waltham Junior School the health, safety and well-being of every child is our top priority.

Team Captains for 2023-24
Year 6 Team House Captains 2023-24 - image 0
Year 6 Team House Captains 2023-24 - image 1
Year 6 Team House Captains 2023-24 - image 2
Year 6 Team House Captains 2023-24 - image 3

Leopards = Archie & Ella      Lions = Poppy & Bertie     Pumas = Oliver & Tegan     Tigers = Sophie & Isla

Year 6 Team Captains

What Are Team Captains?

At BWJS, Year 6 pupils have a unique opportunity at the beginning of each academic year to apply for the role of Team Captain. These distinguished positions are a chance to demonstrate leadership, represent their team, and contribute to our school community.


Role and Responsibilities

Team Captains are not just titleholders; they are ambassadors of our school values and role models to their peers. They play a vital role in enhancing school spirit and ensuring a positive experience for all.


As a Team Captain, responsibilities may include:

  • Assisting during school assemblies and playtimes.
  • Supporting and participating in sporting events, promoting teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • Giving guided school tours to visitors and prospective parents, showcasing the best of BWJS.
  • Volunteering for special events, such as selling poppies around Remembrance Day.
  • Collaborating with the School Council to help organize events like the school disco and Race for Life.
  • Running stalls at our festive Christmas and Summer Fayres.
  • Being a friendly face and a buddy to fellow pupils.
  • Ensuring the PE shed is organized and tidy, promoting a safe sports environment.
  • Taking charge of wet play activities to keep everyone engaged and entertained.
  • Presenting Team Merit awards to celebrate achievements.
  • Assisting with Year 2-3 transition activities in the summer, helping younger pupils feel welcome and supported.

A Chance to Shine

Becoming a Team Captain is an opportunity to lead by example, develop leadership skills, and leave a lasting legacy as you prepare to transition to the next chapter of your education. It's a unique chance to represent your team and make a positive impact on our school community.

Join us in embracing this special opportunity to be part of a team dedicated to making BWJS an even better place. We look forward to welcoming our new Team Captains for a year of leadership, growth, and service.