At Bishop’s Waltham Junior School the health, safety and well-being of every child is our top priority.


Bishop's Waltham Junior follows the Safer Recruitment Procedures and Policies from Hampshire Education Personnel Services when appointing staff or allowing volunteers to work in the school.


School Staff

Staff Teams

Senior Leadership Team

(from left to right)

Miss Lucy Pearmain (Lower School Phase Leader)

Mr Jon Senior (Upper School Phase Leader)

Mr Darren Campbell (Head Teacher)

Mrs Katherine Daniels (Deputy Head Teacher) 

Mrs Lesley Peach (SENCO)

Year Three Team

(left to right - back row)

Mrs Tammy Shuker (Teaching Assistant, Willow Class)

Mrs Holly Bathgate (1:1 Teaching Assistant, Willow Class)

Miss Lucy Pearmain (Class Teacher, Willow Class)

Mrs Lesley Peach (Class Teacher, Gingko Class)

Mrs Jeannette Mars (Teaching Assistant, Gingko Class)

Mrs Jo Milne (Class Teacher, Gingko Class)


(left to right - front row)

Miss Tilly Ash-Cutler (1:1 Teaching Assistant, Maple Class)

Mrs Helen White (Teaching Assistant, Maple Class)

Miss Rebecca Denyer (Class Teacher, MapleClass)

Mrs Susie Collier (1:1 Teaching Assistant, Gingko Class)

Year Four Team

(left to right, back row)

Mrs Rebecca Mars (Class Teacher, Redwood Class)

Mrs Anita Glasspool (Class Teacher, Ash Class)

Mrs Wendy Harris (Teaching Assistant, Redwood Class)

Mrs Katy Zillwood (Class Teacher, Redwood Class)

Mrs Andrea Amos (Teaching Assistant, Jackalberry Class)

Mrs Helen Jones (1:1 Teaching Assistant, Jackalberry Class)

Mr Patrick McKenna (Class Teacher, Jackalberry Class)


(left to right, back row)

Mrs Emily Thomas (Class Teacher, Ash Class)

Mrs Suzi Gill (Teaching Assistant, Ash Class)

Mrs Sally Burrows (1:1 Teaching Assistant, Ash Class)

Year Five Team

(left to right)

Miss Chris Ekless (Teaching Assistant, Sycamore Class)

Mrs Kerry Henderson (1:1 Teaching Assistant, Sycamore Class)

Mrs Shelly Arnold (Class Teacher, Sycamore Class) 

Mrs Tessa Senior (Class Teacher, Tamarind Class)

Mrs Helen Hughes (Teaching Assistant, Tamarind Class)

Year Six Team

(left to right)

Mrs Katherine Daniels (Small Group Teacher & Deputy Head)

Mr Jon Senior (Class Teacher, Birch Class)

Mrs Debbie Barclay (Teaching Assistant, Birch Class)

Miss Tegen Pascoe (Class Teacher, Cedar Class)

Mrs Sarah Slaughter (Teaching Assistant, Cedar Class) 

Office Staff

(from left to right)

Mrs Josie Triggs (Senior Admin Assistant)

Mrs Gill Cooper (Librarian)

Mrs Samantha Baldwin (Finance Officer)

Site Team

(from left to right)

Mr Neal Hornett (Caretaker)

Mrs Sue Stoop (Cleaner)

Mr Isaac Newton (Evening Site Supervisor)

School Kitchen Team

(from left to right)

Mrs Leeanne Prince 

Mrs Annette Lawrence

Mrs Joanne Cook

Lunchtime Supervisors 

(left to right)

Mrs Mel Usher

Mrs Jean McNally

Mrs Valerie Light

Mrs Maggie Taylor

Mrs Nicola Bryant