At Bishop’s Waltham Junior School the health, safety and well-being of every child is our top priority.

School Council

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At Bishop's Waltham Junior School, we believe that every pupil's voice should be heard, valued, and empowered to make a positive difference. That's where our School Council comes in. This dedicated group of pupils plays a crucial role in shaping our school community, ensuring that the student perspective is at the heart of decision-making.


Election and Representation

Every September, we hold School Council elections, inviting all pupils to stand for election. This democratic process encourages students to actively participate in the governance of our school. Those who choose to run for School Council are asked to prepare a brief speech outlining why they should be elected and the changes they would like to see within our school.

From these elections, two pupils are elected to represent each class, becoming our esteemed School Council members. They are entrusted with the important responsibility of representing the interests and concerns of their peers.


A Platform for Pupil Voice

Our School Council meets frequently with Miss Denyer and Mrs. Thomas, serving as a vital platform for pupil voice at BWJS. To ensure that all voices are heard, each class holds an agenda meeting before the School Council meeting, where they can raise ideas and suggestions for discussion.


Transparency and Accountability

Transparency is a core value of our School Council. Meeting minutes are diligently recorded and shared with the school's Leadership Team, Friends of Bishop's Waltham Junior School (FoBS - PTA), and Governors. This ensures that the decisions and initiatives discussed in School Council meetings are shared with all stakeholders, creating a sense of accountability and transparency.


Making an Impact

In the early part of the autumn term, the newly elected School Council holds its first meeting to discuss the school's core values and assess their progress from a pupil perspective. Later in the term, they conduct a learning walk around the school, evaluating what's working well and identifying areas for improvement throughout the year.

In addition to their role in school improvement, our School Council members organize a variety of events to raise funds for our chosen charities. They demonstrate leadership, creativity, and compassion as they work together to make a positive impact within and beyond our school community.

The School Council at Bishop's Waltham Junior School embodies our commitment to nurturing responsible and engaged citizens who are empowered to make meaningful contributions to society.


UPCOMING EVENTS (Organised by the School Council)

  • World Diabetes Day - Tuesday 14th November 2023

Some of the things we love about our school and suggestions for improvements are below.


Things we love about our school

Suggestions for the future

- Laptops

- More things to play with at play time

- All of the clubs! Something for everyone

- Could we have more seating outside so that we can sit and talk to our friends?

- Dining hall has lovely displays which make it a nice place to eat in

- Greater range of whole school competitions

- Outside space and area is beautiful

- Video cameras to record our performances in class

 - Staff help us feel safe and happy. They are funny.

- Puzzle challenge day. Really enjoyed it before?

- Learning is fun and we love going on trips and visits

 - More non-fiction books in our classrooms

-- We love themed days and like dressing up






What do you think? Let your class council member know.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the School Council at Bishop’s Waltham Junior School please contact Mrs. Thomas at or Miss Denyer at


Minutes - What have School Council been talking about?

18.09.23 - initial meeting.doc .doc