Music Tuition

At Bishop’s Waltham Junior School, we believe in nurturing the musical talents of our pupils. That's why we're delighted to offer small group music tuition opportunities, provided by visiting peripatetic music teachers from Hampshire Music Service. This initiative allows your child to explore the world of music through keyboard, guitar, ukulele, or brass.


What We Offer

  • Instrument Variety: Your child can choose from keyboard, guitar, ukulele, or brass, offering a range of musical experiences.

  • Small Group Settings: Our music tuition sessions typically consist of around 4 pupils at a time, ensuring a focused and personalized learning environment.

  • Lesson Duration: Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes, providing ample time for your child to engage with their chosen instrument.

  • In-School Convenience: Lessons take place during the school day, but this may involve missing a regular lesson or breaktime.


Making Up 'Lost Time'

We understand the importance of your child's core subjects. In cases where music lessons overlap with English or Maths, there is an expectation that pupils will make up any "lost time" whenever possible.


Affordable Music Education

We believe that music education should be accessible to all. To make it more affordable, the school subsidises the cost of music tuition. Currently, the yearly cost to parents is £225 per year, covering a minimum of 30 lessons per year. These lessons are spread across three terms, starting in September and running through to July.


Enrollment Information

Each April, enrollment invitations for group music tuition are sent out via our Arbor App. Keep an eye out for this opportunity to enrich your child's musical journey.


Instrument Requirements

  • Keyboard: Pupils attending keyboard lessons are provided with an instrument during their sessions.

  • Other Instruments: For guitar, ukulele, or brass lessons, pupils must attend with their own instruments. However, if you require an instrument, Hampshire Music Service offers an Instrument Hire Service.


Get in Touch

For more details about our music tuition program, please contact Mrs. Josie Triggs at with 'Music Tuition' in the subject line.


We look forward to nurturing your child's love for music and helping them embark on a melodious journey of learning and discovery.