At Bishop’s Waltham Junior School the health, safety and well-being of every child is our top priority.


Bishop's Waltham Junior School takes online safety seriously, and our team of dedicated Cyber Ambassadors plays a crucial role in promoting eSafety within our school community. Comprising pupils from Years 4 to 6, our Cyber Ambassadors are enthusiastic about fostering a safe and responsible online environment for all.


Raising the eSafety Profile

The primary mission of our Cyber Ambassadors is to raise awareness and promote the importance of eSafety among their fellow pupils. They actively engage with their peers, teachers, and parents to share valuable insights, resources, and best practices for staying safe in the digital world.

Our Cyber Ambassadors are committed to ensuring that every member of our school community has the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the online landscape responsibly. Their dedication and leadership help create a safer and more informed online environment at Bishop's Waltham Junior School.

We are proud of our Cyber Ambassadors and the positive impact they have on our school's eSafety initiatives. Through their efforts, we can continue to educate, empower, and protect our pupils in an ever-evolving digital age.


Who are the Cyber Critters?

The Cyber Critters are five monsters who represent different threats online.  To stay safe online, we need to know how to stop the Cyber Critters!

The Angler tries to steal your personal information online. The Bi-Diphorous can switch between being friendly and mean. The Infoeater collects your data online to gain money or information. The Meanataur is an online bully who says horrible things online. The Selphire makes bad decisions about creating an online image.

Termly Newsletter - December 2023


Our Cyber Ambassador Newsletters

Cyber Ambassador Newsletter 1 - December 2022Cyber Ambassador Newsletter 1 - December 2022 Cyber Ambassador Newsletter 1 - December 2022