School History - 1992


January 13th

“Meeting of the Friend’s Association. They have agreed to purchase and install new kitchen units, in order to create a Food Activity area in the former medical inspection room.” (David Porter's log book)

January 30th

“The upper school classes had a display of Indian dancing which was followed by workshops in which the children had a turn at the various hand, arm and leg movements and also played the drums. A very colourful, enjoyable and worthwhile experience.” (David Porter's log book)


February 14th

“Today Mrs Lawes – Lollipop Lady on Bishop’s Waltham roundabout – has done 25 years service. There was a small celebration at the crossing point with press coverage, then a presentation by Infant School and ourselves at school.” (David Porter's log book)


February 19th

“Lower school had a Greek afternoon. Many children dressed up. Dances, plays and a feast (eaten lying on the floor).” (David Porter's log book)


March 23rd

“Pyramid book week – organised by a committee of teachers to highlight the importance of books and give the children a love of words. On the Monday the children attended a presentation of ‘The Really Wild Show’ at Swanmore School.” (David Porter's log book)


September 14th

“Food Activity Area in use for the first time. A wonderful facility where the children will learn about food and cooking. We are very fortunate to have such a facility provided for us by our Friend’s Association, and sufficient willing parents happy to help and advise the children.” (David Porter's log book)


September 24th

“P.C. Kevin Emblem talked to the children about their personal safety. ‘Be safe – be seen’ – ‘don’t talk to strangers’.” (David Porter's log book)


October 6th

“A small music group from London, ‘Variations’, gave the school a concert of ‘Music from Europe’ which was followed by three workshops where the children made their own music and backings while others did folk dancing.” (David Porter's log book)


October 15th

“During the afternoon, the Upper School classes had a European afternoon as a development of their Europe topic. A lovely afternoon with games, food and a folk dance demonstration.” (David Porter's log book)


October 21st

“Adrian Moorhouse, former Olympic Champion, invited to promote PE, take part in fund-raising activities and give a swimming demonstration. He raced a team of swimmers from the school and talked with the children. All this was part of SuperSchools. A super experience for the children. The fact that the school should make some money from the experience almost becomes a bonus.” (David Porter's log book)


December 11th

“In school performance of Christmas production ‘Stargazers’. Audience made up of parents, local Senior Citizens and year 2 children from the infant school.” (David Porter's log book)


Ridgemede's Christmas Fayre

Ridgemede Staff, 1992

David Porter (Headteacher)
Gen Marsh (Deputy Head)
Ann Tromans
Jacqui Clift
Sue Palmer
Dave Allington
Pat Fletcher
Gill Cooper
Gill Blundell
Jan Brook
Janet Young

Eva Boston
Carol Marchant
Shelia Rickman
Julie Blake
Jackie Tredré
Crys Smith
Jill Therkelsen
Brenda O’Donovan
Leslie McLay

Liz Channon (Administration officer)
June Harding (Assistant administration officer)