School History - 1993


January 29th
“Steve Robbie – county architect – inspected temporary classrooms 9 and 10. It will be interesting to hear what condition they are ‘officially’ in. Daily we are aware of the leaks, rotting timber and creaking floor-boards.” (David Porter's log book)

February 12th
“Assembly was a Victorian Pagent attended by Queen Victoria (alias Chris Fletcher [chair of Governors]). The children had worked hard at their Victorian dramas and obviously learnt a lot.” (David Porter's log book)


April 2nd
“The last day of term, and two members of staff are leaving. Carol Marchant who has been part time, dealing with the Qualified Teacher Support for several pupils... Pat Fletcher also leaves today – retiring after twelve years at Ridgemede... John Hibberd has been appointed to take her class for next term.” (David Porter's log book)


April 27th
“Invited Sally Houlberg to join the staff in September [out of over 115 applications]." (David Porter's log book)

May 1st
“The 6-a-side team played in the finals of the countrywide tournament. A super occasion and experience for the team who lost to eventual winners in the semi-final.” (David Porter's log book)

May 6th
“Class 3 went to Manor Farm, Botley, in costume to experience a Victorian Farming day.” (David Porter's log book)


September 17th
“During the course of the summer holidays, the pool was relined and it looks magnificent.” (newsletter)


December 6th

“Two hundred and eighty-seven books were brought in to donate to the school in The Gambia.  Thanks to the contacts of Mr Chris Smith they are now on their way to Africa with their best wishes.” (newsletter)

[Our school connection with The Gambia would be established more firmly in 2005 by Jeannette Mars and the exceptionally popular World Class club.]


December 14th
Ridgemede presents ‘The First Christmas Rose’ by Peter Canwell at St Peter’s Church.
“Our play takes place far away in the village of Bethlehem. The year is about 100 A.D. The children are looking for the real birth place of Christ. They meet a mysterious woman who tells them the story of the first Christmas and the appearance of the first Christmas Rose.” (Programme)


Ridgemede Staff, 1993

David Porter (Headteacher)
Gen Marsh (Deputy Head)
Ann Tromans
Jacqui Clift
Sue Palmer
Dave Allington
Pat Fletcher (until April)
Gill Cooper
Gill Blundell
Jan Brook
Janet Young
John Hibberd (April – July)
Sally Houlberg (from July)

Eva Boston
Carol Marchant (until April)
Shelia Rickman
Julie Blake
Jackie Tredré
Crys Smith
Jill Therkelsen
Brenda O’Donovan (until July)
Leslie McLay
Tracy Hardy

Liz Channon (Administration officer)
June Harding (Assistant administration officer)
Derek Parrington (caretaker)