School History - 1996


January 30th
“We are grateful to our Friend’s Association for their recent gift of £50 per class. The teachers are currently thinking of ways to spend the money, with globes and flip charts being most popular additions.” (newsletter)

1996-01-saintsfootballcompetition.JPG 1996-01-saintsfootball.JPG <p>Ridgemede Football Success, January.</p>
    Ridgemede Football Success, January

March 6th
“During the course of half term a piece of Ridgemede’s heritage disappeared. The temporary classrooms which had been on site for about 17 years were demolished taking with them very many happy memories for pupils and staff. Although very inferior in the facilities they provided and their general internal and external appearance, each created its own cosy atmosphere and they were never cold.


“The scar left is to be developed. This will incorporate a sloping path to give disabled people and parents with buggies easier access to the swimming pool. Additionally the banks at the rear of the school will be seeded in a few week’s time and planted with a selection of shrubs, to complete the work on our new extension and the surrounding area.” (newletter)

June 17th
“The end of term is often a time of sadness for a school when staff leave. This July will be exception. For the staff, pupils and parents, Ridgemede School will never be quite the same again as Mrs Palmer will be taking early retirement. This will be the end of an era as virtually all of Mrs Palmer’s teaching career has been spent as a teacher in Bishop’s Waltham, starting in Ridgemede when the school was built in 1969.
“There will be an enormous number of pupils, former parents, and parents (some of whom were taught by Mrs Palmer), who will owe a great debt of gratitude to this talented and caring teacher.”

July 11th
“We are very grateful to our Friend’s Association for all the support they give us. Recently they have purchased another computer, four more colour printers (there is now one per class) and a radio microphone system for the school hall.
“In spite of the ‘April’ showers, their fete and Barbeque survived and became a very successful evening. The committee had put so much effort into this event, and although the rain could have ruined what is always a very happy time, the flexibility and hard work of the committee, created a memorable occasion.” (newsletter)

‘The Christmas Songbook’ performed.

Ridgemede Staff, 1996

David Porter (Headteacher)
Gen Marsh (Deputy Head)
Ann Tromans
Jacqui Clift
Sue Palmer (until September)
Dave Allington
Gill Cooper
Gill Blundell
Jan Brook
Janet Young
Victoria Jones (until September)
Sam Machin (from September)
Diana Rudge (from September)
Sarah Handcock (from September)

Eva Boston
Shelia Rickman
Julie Blake
Jackie Tredré
Leslie McLay
Debbie Barclay
Jeannette Mars
Karen Anderson
Coralie Franklin
Debbie Simpson
Susan Carnaby
Nina Hunter (from September)

Liz Channon (Administration officer)
June Harding (Assistant administration officer)
Derek Parrington (caretaker)
Sheila Scovell (cleaner)
Molly Gomer (cleaner)