School History - 2002



Dear Parent,


Happy New Year!


I am writing at the end of my first week at Ridgemede with a mixture of relief and gratitude.  Everybody has been very welcoming and helpful in what has been a busy but productive start.  Obviously I have by no means met everyone or found everything about what makes Ridgemede tick but my contact so far has been very encouraging.  As an experienced Headteacher there is much that I can transfer from my previous work at Ranvilles Junior School, Fareham but also much that I still need to learn.

I am particularly grateful for the excellent contribution from Mrs Gen Marsh during the previous term that has enabled the school to continue its work smoothly.  She has been of immense help to me in my start here.  The many qualities of the school, instigated and developed by David Porter, are evident but do not just run themselves and all staff have made an excellent contribution to the start of the school year.

My main priority now I am here (and it has seemed an age since my appointment back in June) is to get to know the children and the ways the school encourages their learning.  As the occasion arises I will get to know more of you from the whole school community.

It is my belief that we can build on the strong work of the school to create an even better environment for learning.  This will be a challenge but is nothing less than our children deserve.  I am looking forward to week 2! [School newsletter].

January 16th

We congratulated Mrs Lynch for her 26 years as our crossing patrol lady in our achievement assembly.  We are sad to see her go. [School newsletter].


May 10th
Bishop’s Waltham Clock Ceremony: All children under the age of 12 are to receive a Golden Jubilee Bookmark that carries an image of the new clock. The unveiling ceremony is to take place on Sunday 9th June at 3 pm in the High Street. [School newsletter].

We are organizing two days of Jubilee celebrations for the children on Thursday 30th and Friday 31st May. [School newsletter].
Thursday 30th
During Thursday morning the children will be looking at newsreel of the early 1950s and discussing similarities and differences, contrast and change – skills used to understand and appreciate history – how the past influences the present.
The afternoon will be spent solving a problem:-
Make a jubilee party hat. The children will be given a clear brief and a ‘pack of resources’ for this project. [School newsletter].

Friday 31st
On this day we would like the children to wear red, white, blue and/or gold, in any combination, to school and have their PE kits available.
During the morning some of the children will have opportunity to take part in a sponsored skip. The other children will be involved in traditional skipping games as well as supporting the sponsored group.
At lunchtime we hope to have our street party – weather permitting. The children have already been invited to order a Jubilee lunch for this event.
The afternoon (1.30 onwards) will be spent playing traditional games like ‘Hopscotch’ and ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf?’ If you are able to come into school during the afternoon and supervise and join in with these games your help would be much appreciated. [School newsletter].


The school’s three-day project leading up to a performance at the BW festival was a tremendous success. Developing their own story line, giant puppets, sea of fish and musical accompaniment was a big challenge in such a short time. Their performance was testament to their teamwork and creativity. [Report to the governors].


Mrs Jan Brook and Mrs Jackie Tredré are retiring from full-time teaching… They have been loyal and hard-working contributors into the education of Ridgemede children for many years, in and outside the classroom. We wish them success in their next ventures! [School newsletter].

September 12th
As well as welcoming many new pupils to the school we are delighted that Mrs Rye, Miss Carter and Miss Manchester have joined our staff. [School newsletter].

Thirty children worked with visiting artists on a large scale creation of our solar system. All the planets were made to scale with Jupiter measuring 143 cm across. (That’s 5 feet for non-metric thinkers). The models are to be hung at the Theatre Royal in Winchester over Christmas. You may be interested to learn that, at the same scale, Pluto would be hung in Dorking and measure just 2cm in diameter. [School newsletter].

Ridgemede Staff, 2002


Eric Halton – Headteacher
Gen Marsh – Deputy Head
Ann Tromans
Gill Cooper
Gill Blundell (until July)
Jan Brook (until July)
Janet Young
Sam Wood
Diana Rudge
Sarah Handcock (later, Blake)
Monica Carter
Jackie Tredré
Lynne Brierly
Rachel Moorhouse
Harriet Manchester (from September)
Judith Carter (from September)
Elizabeth Rye (from September)
Theresa Pitt (from November)

Julie Carpenter
Leslie McLay
Debbie Barclay
Jeannette Mars
Karen Anderson
Coralie Franklin
Debbie Simpson
Julie Johnson
Carole Estall
Sally Spratt (from September)

Liz Channon (Administration officer)
June Harding (Assistant administration officer)
Graham Newton (caretaker)
George Worrell (assistant caretaker)
Molly Gomer (cleaner)
Linda Bradbeer (cleaner) (from June)
Sam Baldwin (librarian & technician)