School History - 2003

January 10th
Sadly there were two crimes committed at school in recent weeks. A laptop computer has been stolen from an office and the school P.E. store has been set alight. [School newsletter].

<p>The P.E. shed's renovation, later in the year.</p> 2003-05-PEshed3.jpg 2003-05-PEshed1.jpg

The P.E. shed's renovation, later in the year.


On Thursday last week two storytellers came to visit year 4. They entertained us for over two hours. Their names were Winston Nzinga and his son Yusef, they came from Jamaica!
Everyone enjoyed watching the performance. We all joined in with the fun and had a great time! They entertained us with stories and songs that we played percussion to. Afterwards, everyone talked about how much fun they had experienced on that day and how they would never forget it! It was a great day that everyone enjoyed. [Chloe, year 4 – newsletter].

The crossroom has been converted into a new ICT suite at minimal costs. [Governors report].

April 10th
During the Easter break we are expecting the first phase of our office extension. [School newsletter].


June 27th
The children in Year 6 have just completed a project called ‘Dreams of Africa’. Some of them took the opportunity to present their work – 3 part singing, dancing and artwork – to an audience at the Bishop’s Waltham Festival Opening Ceremony at the Palace Ruins on Sunday. [School newsletter].

July 11th
On Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd of July we have a visit from The Jester Street Circus. They will be running workshops for the children where they will learn skills as juggling, tight-rope walking (a mini one!), plate spinning and much more. The children will also watch a show by the professionals on Wednesday afternoon. [School newsletter].

<p>Carnival Time, which this year has an African theme.</p> 2003-06outofafrica02.jpg

Carnival Time, which this year has an African theme.


July 23rd
As we come the end of another school year we are saying a few farewells. As you know Mrs Blake is moving to Somerset and has a new job at a school near her new home. We will miss her next year. We are also saying goodbye to Mrs Pitt who has taken over Mrs Troman’s class since November. She has done a wonderful job and we are all grateful for stepping in at short notice. Many of you will not know Mrs Gomer, who has been one of our cleaners for many years, but she is retiring and we would like to wish her a long and happy retirement. [School newsletter].

In September we will have a new school reception area for all visitors including parents. [School newsletter].

During the summer holidays, a flood strikes the school building, damaging a number of classrooms.


December 17th
The choir, consisting of 72 children, sang on Tuesday to the elderly at Ridgemede Rest Home. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and the children were rewarded with crisps, squash, chocolate and a balloon. [School newsletter].

<p>Stable Manners, the Christmas Production</p> 2003-12-stablemanners3.jpg 2003-12-stablemanners2.jpg
Stable Manners, the Christmas Production    

Ridgemede Staff, 2003


Eric Halton (Headteacher)
Gen Marsh (Deputy Head)
Gill Cooper
Janet Young
Sam Wood – (until April)
Diana Rudge (then Diana Lowth)
Sarah Blake (until July)
Monica Carter
Lynne Brierly
Rachel Moorhouse
Harriet Manchester
Judith Carter
Elizabeth Rye
Carrie Oliver-Freeman (from April)
Theresa Pitt (until July)

Jackie Tredré
Julie Carpenter
Leslie McLay
Debbie Barclay
Jeannette Mars
Debbie Simpson
Julie Johnson
Sally Spratt
Karen Langston

Liz Channon (Administration officer)
June Harding (Assistant administration officer)
Graham Newton (caretaker)
George Worrell (assistant caretaker)
Molly Gomer (cleaner) (until July)
Linda Bradbeer (cleaner)
Sam Baldwin (librarian & technician)