School History - 2007


April 24th

The summer term has started well and we have a very busy term ahead.

The term is also a time of transition for the school as our current Headteacher moves to his new post as District services manager for education in Gosport.  Mr Halton is leaving at the end of this half term (May), giving time for the induction of the new Headteacher, who starts in September.


May 25th


Dear parents and children,


Today is my last day as Headteacher of Ridgemede Junior School.  In assembly this morning I asked what the children thought of their school.  This is what they said,


“Ridgemede is great because we have kind children.”

“We all try our best.”

“The teachers really help you out.”

“There’s always something good to do.”

“All the children stand up for our values.”

“We enjoy our learning.”

“We have no bullies.”

“We learn how to make new friends.”

“People care for you more at this school.”

“We have won all these medals.”

“We have lots of exercise.”

“Ridgemede is fun.”

“We know how to get along with people.”

“We have great after school clubs.”

“We enjoy healthy food.”

“We’ve got nice teachers.”

“We live in a historical village.”

“We all work together.”

I think Ridgemede is such a good school because of the special people in it: the children, the staff and everyone from the community of Governors, parents and others who make a positive contribution and participate in fully helping children to make good progress.

I believe that the more we put in, the more we get out.  There are no passengers in good learning: you have to be one of the crew!  I have enjoyed my time at the wheel, in the boiler house, on deck and elsewhere!

One of my favourite quotes about learning comes from Apollinaire and describes an eagle persuading chicks to take their first tentative steps out of the nest.

Come to the edge of the cliff, he said

No we are afraid.

Come to the edge of the cliff, he said

No we are afraid.

Come to the edge of the cliff, he said

They came.

He pushed them.

They flew.

You can be an eagle, you can fly!

With warmest wishes

Eric J. Halton


June 8th

My first week as Acting Head has been a very interesting one!  We had a wonderful assembly by Yr 4 on Wednesday morning followed by a telephone call to say that the Ofsted inspectors would be coming into school on Monday and Tuesday next week!  After the initial ‘surprise’ we are now actually looking forward to them coming in to see what a great school Ridgemede is.

We are taking part in the carnival tomorrow and look forward to the sun shining on our entry from ‘Cats’.  Children should assemble at school from 12:00 in the millennium classroom. [School Newsletter].



"Ridgemede Junior School provides a good quality of education for its pupils.  There are also many outstanding aspects to its work.  Pupils feel included, valued and thoroughly enjoy their school.

The curriculum is outstanding, and is enhanced by excellent opportunities for enrichment.  Pupils’ spiritual, moral and social development is outstanding and the care and pastoral support provided is very effective." [2007 Ofsted Report].


September 7th

Welcome to the new school year.  I hope you have all enjoyed a very pleasant summer holiday, even though the sunny weather seemed to elude us.   I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  My name is Darren Campbell and I’m the very proud, privileged new headteacher of this wonderful school.  I’ve always strongly believed that developing and maintaining effective relationships and links with parents/carers is vital in running a successful school. So this will be high on my agenda and look forward to meeting and working with you all.

We are delighted to welcome two new teachers to our school.  Mr Lloyd Dennis (5D), who will be teaching in Year 5 (along with Miss Sarah Martin) and Miss Gemma Lewis (4L) who will be teaching in Year 4 (along with Miss Harriet Manchester.) [School Newsletter].


September 21st

Well done everyone for raising over £3,950 so far for the enterprise project.  There are still a few children who have not yet returned the money that they raised.  If you were unable to raise any extra money with your £1 could you please return the £1 to your classteacher ASAP.  The play trail is now up and running and is being thoroughly enjoyed by all children.  I hope you all saw the articles about the play trail in the Daily Echo and Hampshire Chronicle last week.  If not, they are still up on display in the reception area. [School Newsletter].


October 5th
The school grounds are looking absolutely fantastic, due largely to the support of parents/governors and children who make up the GO GREEN club. As the grounds look superb, it is making the inside of the building look a little old and run down. We have allocated money in our budget to purchase a load of paint, with the plan of painting the whole of the inside of the school. [School Newsletter].


October 18th
As I mentioned in my last newsletter, improving the internal learning environment within the school is high on my priority list. I just wanted to fill you in on some of the work that is taking place over the next few weeks. The classroom at the back of the school has been re-painted, new carpets have been laid and it is about to be transformed into a state of the art ICT suite. By the end of November, the room will contain 33 computers, installed upon desks, which allow children the room upon which to work comfortably. During ICT lessons, children will be able to work on individual computers. [School Newsletter].


November 23rd
Rehearsals are going very well for this years Christmas production of the ‘Selfish Giant’. Children are busy learning their lines and following Mrs Carters director instructions, the scenery is almost complete and the props are just about ready. Please do come along and watch this fantastic production – who needs the Mayflower – The Jubilee Hall, filled with budding actors/actresses and singers from Ridgemede Junior School is the place to be this Christmas. [School Newsletter].


Ridgemede Staff, 2007

Eric Halton - Headteacher (until April)
Darren Cambell - Headteacher (from September)
Gen Marsh - Deputy Head (acting head: April to July)
Gill Cooper
Monica Carter
Lynne Hope
Harriet Manchester
Elizabeth Rye
Sarah Martin
Katy Rogers
Katie Philips
Jon Senior
Jo Sudbury
Lloyd Dennis (from September)
Gemma Lewis (from September)

Jackie Tredré (until July)
Julie Hopgood (until July)
Leslie McLay
Debbie Barclay
Jeannette Mars
Debbie Simpson
Julie Johnson
Karen Langston
Hannah Broomer (until July)
Claire Davey
Sarah May-Miller
Jane Cadnam (from April)
Judith Barber (from April)

Liz Channon (Administration officer)
June Harding (Assistant administration officer)
Debbie Holley (Assistant administration officer)
Graham Newton (caretaker)
Susan Stoop (cleaner)
Sharon Burt (cleaner)
Sam Baldwin (librarian & technician)