School History - 2011

Monday 25th July 2011 – Goodbye, Mrs Marsh

This week, we say goodbye to Mrs Marsh who is retiring from her post of deputy head after working on and off here at BWJS, and at Ridgemede beforehand, since 1974. It hardly needs saying that she will be missed enormously as a teacher and as deputy head. Having said that, Mrs Marsh isn’t making a clean break – she’ll be in school frequently next year providing cover, and she’ll continue her costuming and scenery duties for a while longer!

In the meantime, we’d all like to wish Mrs Marsh a very happy retirement.


September 2011

As we start the new school year we extend a very warm welcome to new Deputy Head Katherine Daniels [photo]. In her own words:

“I was delighted to accept the position of Deputy Head at Bishop’s Waltham Junior School and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the parents, pupils and staff over the first days of the Autumn Term."


(from the Parish Magazine)

Thursday 20th October 2011 – A Visit From Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

We were lucky enough to be visited today by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, author and illustrator of The Edge Chronicles, Muddle Earth, and many other books.

After an entertaining and informative talk from the pair, children were able to buy books and get them signed.


Tuesday 15th November 2011 – Animal Bike Tour Performs at BWJS

On Tuesday 15th November, excitement hit Bishop’s Waltham Junior School! The Animal Bike Tour performed 3 thrilling and awe inspiring shows. The World Champion Bike Professionals, Martin and Blake, demonstrated their dare devil stunts with ease, whilst pupils/staff and parents watched on in amazement.

The atmosphere during the performances was electric and a fantastic time was experienced by all.

Bradley Wilson, the winner of the Animal Bike Tour competition, was also treated to a personal bike lesson by the professionals, with a few of his friends – which they thoroughly enjoyed. Following this, he was given VIP access for the final show of the afternoon.

Thank you very much too all the parents/carers who came along to watch the performance at the end of the school day; and for voting – which resulted in Bradley winning the competition. It was down to your help and support which made Bradley’s dream come true.


Friday 9th December 2011 – Swimming Pool Refurbishment

After months of waiting, action on the swimming pool site has really begun! Over the last few weeks, the old roof has been removed, and the workers are now busy preparing for its replacement. We’ll keep you posted as things develop!


Tuesday 13th December 2011 – Treasure Island

The first two performances of Treasure Island took place yesterday to an audience of the rest of the school in the afternoon, and to an audience of paying guests in the evening.

The final two performances will take place tonight and tomorrow night. Well done to everyone who has taken part in the Christmas production this year.


Bishop's Waltham Junior School Staff, 2011


Darren Cambell - Headteacher
Gen Marsh - Deputy Head (until July)
Katherine Daniels - Deputy Head (from September)
Gill Cooper
Monica Carter
Lynne Hope
Elizabeth Rye
Katy Zillwood
Katie Philips
Jon Senior
Jo Milne
Lucy Pearmain
Lesley Peach

Leslie McLay
Debbie Barclay
Jeannette Mars
Debbie Simpson
Julie Johnson
Claire Davey
Rachel Macdonald
Wendy Harris
Hannah Ross (from April)
Debbie Nicholls (April - July)

Liz Channon (Administration officer)
Debbie Holley (Assistant administration officer)
Karen Langston (Assistant administration officer)
Sam Baldwin (Assistant administration officer, librarian & technician)
Graham Newton (caretaker)
Susan Stoop (cleaner)
Sharon Burt (cleaner)