School History - 2016


29th January

On Thursday 28th January, 38 pupils from Bishop’s Waltham Junior School travelled to the O2 to perform as part of the Young voices Choir. The school choir have been learning set pop & gospel songs and associated dance actions since the beginning of the autumn term and yesterday they got to perform these part of a 7000 strong pupil choir.


24th February

On Wednesday, Year 4 took a trip to Winchester to discover more about King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons. Activities included handling Anglo Saxon artefacts, making brooches and a tour of the cathedral. From the awe of the cathedral to holding a 1,000 years old pot, all of the children enjoyed their time in the ancient capital of Wessex. The children were a real credit to Bishop’s Waltham Junior School and it was lovely to have shared this trip with them.


17th June

We had an afternoon in the sun (just about) today at BWJS to mark the 90th birthday of the Queen.  Children bought in cakes, or other treats, and enjoyed them together.


23rd September

It's not every day that our school is visited by an Olympic gold medallist, but that's what happened today as Lizzy Yarnold, the European champion, World champion and Olympic Gold Skeleton racer came to our celebration assembly. Lizzy showed us some footage of her time at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 and talked about her journey towards becoming a skeleton racer, her training regime, and the values that have led to her success. She also bought in her helmet, her shoes, and her gold medal which every child had a chance to look at and hold. A huge thank you to Lizzy for joining us today!


9th September

Year Six travelled to the Living Rainforest near Newbury yesterday to support our learning in geography (the rainforest) and science (evolution and adaptation). We were able to explore the rainforest area, including the newly-opened 'small islands' greenhouse, and we enjoyed a tour focused on the 'edible forest'. We learned about how different animals and plants find their food in the rainforest, and which parts of the rainforest are used by humans for food.


8th December

Last night, the choir and drama club at BWJS completed their run of performances of Splash!, this year's Christmas production.  The play ran over two nights, both of which had audiences of over one hundred people who enjoyed the songs, the acting and the dancing on stage.


Bishop's Waltham Junior School Staff, 2016

Darren Cambell (Headteacher)
Katherine Daniels
Katy Zillwood
Jon Senior
Jo Milne
Lucy Pearmain
Lesley Peach
Shelly Arnold
Rebecca Chase
Tessa Senior
Patrick McKenna
Anita Glasspool
Martin Geraghty
Laura Mrozinski

Debbie Barclay
Jeannette Mars
Debbie Simpson
Julie Johnson
Claire Davey
Wendy Harris
Andrea Amos
Chris Fickling (until July)
Jo-Anna Bradley
Chris Ekless

Gill Cooper
Sam Baldwin (Administration officer)
Debbie Holley (Assistant administration officer)
Karen Langston (Assistant administration officer)
Graham Newton (site manager)