Frequently Asked Questions?

What is

Bwjsapps is a collection of online tools which we can use with children here in school.  Children will also be able to use bwjsapps at home if they have access to the internet.  The main suite of tools is powered by Google Apps, so it will look familiar to children who have had experience with google accounts in the past.  

The four core google apps are mail, calendars, documents and sites.  Over the course of the ICT curriculum, we will investigate all four of these tools.

In addition to these, we use a range of other tools here in school which are available to use at home.


How safe is bwjsapps?

Google Apps for Education, the system which powers bwjsapps, has been designed by google with schools in mind.  It therefore allows us considerable control over what users can and cannot do.  Primarily, it allows us to block children from interacting with people who are not part of the system.  While children's e-mail accounts look and act like all other google mail accounts, they will not be able to send e-mails to people outside the school, nor will they be able to receive messages from outside school, unless we have specifically allowed this to happen for curriculum purposes.  Staff e-mail accounts are not limited in this way.

Through our ICT curriculum, we will be teaching children about e-saftey and responsible internet use.  This is increasingly becoming a key skill for life, and it is important that children learn these lessons in the early stages of their internet use.


Can I access bwjsapps?

From September, all children will be provided with a username and password which will enable them to log on to the site at school and at home.  When they are at home, you are, of course, very welcome to use the site with them.  At some stage in the future, we may be able to offer access to parents directly, but we have no definite plans for this yet.


To find out more about e-safety at BWJS, visit our ICT page.

If you have further questions, feel free to ask me!